A Brief Letter



Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We won’t pretend to know what you may be feeling during this time, but please know that we’re thinking of and praying for you. We have the greatest respect for you as you determine what is best for your child.

We met in our college’s marching band. Maya thought Mark was awfully cute, but Mark was interested in her friend (Mark denies this, but it’s totally true!). The friend in question set us up as partners in a card tournament, and the rest is history! We have been together 10 years, married for 7, and have two boisterous sons: Miles and Julian. The four of us moved back to Ohio from California in order to be closer to family. We see Mark’s parents about once a week, and our other family members on both sides are within a day’s drive.

Maya grew up in a small town, the kind without a Starbucks and where everyone knows your name. She has a younger brother and sister and talks with them almost every day. Maya has a Masters degree in public health. Right now she is a stay-at-home mom and does some freelance writing on the side. She loves writing, dancing, reading, soapy crime and medical dramas, teaching the kids how to cook, and finding random new places to explore as a family on the weekends (one example: who knew there was a national hamburger festival?!). She and the kids have dance parties around the house/yard/store every day. Mark loves Maya’s silliness and energy — from her made-up songs, to her nicknames for the kids, to the way she acts out what the boys did during the day.

Mark was raised in the suburbs and has two younger brothers. He works as an electrical engineer. He loves music (he plays trumpet and sings), games (especially video games), reading, hiking, and spending time with his sons. Maya loves to watch Mark teach the boys, whether that’s taking apart a remote-control car to see how it works, or looking up the names of the flowers in our yard. Mark is a hands-on dad, getting up with the boys during the night, handling bath time, and always ready to give a hug or read a story.

Miles, our oldest, is in kindergarten. He is a sweetheart! He gives great hugs and is protective of his younger brother. Miles loves reading – especially science books – cars, and helping Mommy bake. He’s a pretty mellow kid…his favorite activities now are coloring at his art table and playing school with Julian (or, more correctly, trying to convince Julian to play school with him!). Miles asks all the time when he can have a baby sister and draws pictures for her.

Julian is our daredevil. If there is a new place to explore, he’s there! He adores our cat, Oliver, and wants to do whatever Miles is doing (unless it’s playing school, haha). Julian never passes up an opportunity to dance, or play outside. He just learned how to play catch, and we love when he brings us his bouncy ball to play. His favorite food is peanut butter, which he eats off a spoon. He’s very excited to be in preschool this year!

We believe in giving children room to explore, get dirty, and realize their own interests. We’re teaching the boys to develop a relationship with God, and to magnify their talents. We are an affectionate household, telling the boys they are loved and giving and receiving frequent hugs and kisses. We can’t wait to add another child to our boisterous, loving family. We aren’t a perfect family, but we’re always willing to put in the work: into our marriage, into parenting, into our families, and, we hope, into an ongoing relationship with you. We would love an open adoption, with visits, skype-ing, emails, phonecalls…it’s all open for discussion. Feel free to email or call us. We want to get to know you!
With much love,

Mark, Maya, Miles, & Julian

2 responses to “A Brief Letter

  1. You guys are awesome and I wish you continued success in your endeavor!

  2. What a lovely post. You sound like great parents!!

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