The Homestudy

We are getting so close to the end of the beginning of this process! Monday was our homestudy. Just has everyone told me, it really wasn’t as scary as we thought it was going to be. And logically I understood that ahead of time, but it didn’t matter because I was going to worry about it anyway, darn it!

I tried to prep Miles over breakfast, since the plan was for our case manager (CM) to meet him and Julian briefly after the interviews were over. This is how the mock conversation went down.
“Ok, pretend I am the social worker. What’s your name?”
“Hahaha. No, what’s your name?”
“Ok, well, Spiderman, do you want a baby brother or sister?”
“I want a baby SISTER! And I will help her.”
“How will you help her?”
“I will help her and then when she is my size she can do it.”
“Do what?”

(We’ve tried to explain there is a chance he could get a baby brother, but Miles is insistent that a baby sister will come, and that he already has a name picked out!)

Mark’s parents took the boys for the afternoon. When our CM arrived, she interviewed me for about an hour. She asked about my health, how I felt about adoption, what my childhood was like, how Mark and I communicate. Then we did the house inspection while we waited for Mark to get home from work. Afterwards, our CM interviewed us together for a bit, and then just Mark privately. The whole process took about 2.5 hours, and she told us that we passed before she left. Yay!

Tuesday we had our fire inspection, and Wednesday Mark had his physical and we turned in the last of our forms. But, today we found out that Mark used the wrong physical form 😦 So, we’re hoping his doctor will just fill out the new one and he won’t need to make a brand new appointment.


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