Miles’s Birthday

Miles recently celebrated his birthday. In our family, we always have a family celebration that includes going out to dinner. Now that Miles is in preschool and making friends of his own, he gets to have a party with friends, too.

boys doing woodwork

The day started out with Mark taking the boys to Home Depot to buy a faucet, and staying for the free craft. Julian wore his apron until he went to bed.

Being that we’re back in Ohio, it is great to be able to have extended family around to celebrate with us! Miles’s birthday falls near Mark’s dad’s birthday, so we did a double celebration. We spent the afternoon at Mark’s parents’ house, along with his brother Scott, Scott’s fiancee, Sarah, and their new puppy. Miles was scared of Otto but Julian has zero fear. He wanted to give Otto treats constantly and followed him around. When Otto needed to take a nap in his crate, Julian cried.
toddler playing with puppy

Playing with Otto

I enjoyed having some 1:1 time to catch up with Sarah so she could fill me in on wedding planning! I am so excited to have another sister this summer.

We went to an Irish restaurant for dinner: my father-in-law’s favorite. Mark’s grandparents came too, which meant we had a large enough party to get a semi-private room. My favorite part (besides the delicious food) was that the table had a spinny-thingy* (technical term, I know!) in the middle to make passing the appetizers and condiments easier. SO. COOL. It’s the little things, you guys!

Family dinner

Family dinner

nephew and aunt

Love this picture of Miles & his Aunt Sarah.

Afterwards we had cake and ice cream over at Mark’s grandparents’, opened presents, and said our goodbyes. All in all a very nice way to celebrate the birthdays!
Blowing out candles

Blowing out the candles

* – Mark is reading over my shoulder and tells me this is called a Lazy Susan. Whatever. I like Spinny Thingy better.


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