Miles’s Party

Miles got to have a “friends party” for this first time this year. He chose a “Tinkerbell Princess Party” theme. I had a lot of fun planning the party!

Usually I do a big decorated cake cut into whatever shape fits the theme, but I didn’t have a skirt mold and my attempts at baking such a cake without one fell flat. Luckily, Miles seemed pleased with what I came up with.
tinkerbell birthday cake
Miles was so excited for his friends to come over! He set the table all by himself!
setting the table
This is the outfit he put together for his party. The hat and necklace came from his teacher at preschool.
child turning 4
Julian got dressed up too. This being a princess party, I suggested that all the kids come in their royal best for the party.
kid dressed up
We kept the party really low-key. When everyone was there, I took the kids into the kitchen for a “fancy tea party,” basically muffins, fruit, and apple cider. After that they got to make crowns out of strips of posterboard, with crayons, flower stickers, and stick on jewels. Then we did cake/ice cream and gifts. Below is my favorite picture of the day, because Miles looks so completely happy.
singing happy birthday


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