Preschool Valentine’s Party

I was able to help out at Miles’s class Valentine’s Day party yesterday. It was a lot of fun!

We helped the kids make doorknob hangers with their names on them. Miles can spell his name now, which is really exciting! As he put each heart sticker on, he told me “This heart says I love you, Mommy!”
Valentine's Craft

After the craft, the kids had snack. You can tell Miles enjoyed his pudding cup because it’s all over his face!
Happy Preschooler

My favorite part was at the end, after the kids had looked through their valentine bags, Miles just wanted to sit on my lap and read stories 🙂 I thought he’d want to play with his friends but no, he just wanted some cuddle-with-Mommy time. I’m enjoying it while it lasts because I know the cuddling days are probably short-lived.

Hope your Valentine’s Day was as fun as ours!


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  1. LOVE the pudding face! My 75% of my kids’ pictures look like that, with food all over their face. 🙂

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