Niagara Falls

Back in January, I told Mark I really wanted to get away for a weekend. I’m not a winter person and winters in Ohio are particularly hard for me as they are so. darn. grey. I wanted something to break up the monotony. Mark loves the snow and cold…we joke that anything about 70 is too hot for him, and anything below 70 is too cold for me. Anyway, Mark found a Groupon deal for a one night hotel reservation in Niagara Falls, if I could wait till March to get away. I know what you’re thinking: who goes to upstate NY in the winter to get away from the cold?! Well, it definitely wasn’t any warmer than home, but it was sunnier and, most importantly, it wasn’t home.

I’ve come to realize that when it’s with my family, I love traveling. I was extremely lucky enough to be able to visit both Brasil (to see family) and Italy (to present a poster at a conference) while in college. I enjoyed both trips, but felt more comfortable at home. Once we moved to California though, and Miles was getting older, I realized I wanted to take him all over the place, to show him everything from the grocery store to the beach to the mountains to Europe and Brasil and everywhere. I’m still ambivalent about traveling alone, but if Mark and the boys are coming with me, sign me up!

Anyway, here are some photos from our trip 🙂
niagara falls
kids in front of niagara falls

niagara falls frozen

Part of the falls was frozen, which looked so cool!

woman in front of niagara falls

Obligatory touristy shot

Tesla statue

Mark in front of the statue of one of his engineering idols, Nikola Tesla.

boy with bear
goofing off at dinner

goofing off at dinner

Rainbow Blvd

Apparently Rainbow Blvd is some Mario reference? Mark wanted to do a video game pose, & then Miles had to copy!

great white shark attack

AHHH! It’s a Great White Shark!


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