Funny Things Miles Says

Miles is on a roll today:

It’s first thing in the morning. The boys have invaded my bedroom. I decide to try on my dress for the Gala I’m going to next week to see if it needs any last minute alterations. I ask Miles “do I look pretty?” All the books say that boys at this age love their mommies. The commercials show boys telling their mothers that they look like princesses.

Instead, Miles cocks his head to the side and says “Ummmm…..I think it’s a little tight.”

I’ve just smacked my thumb into my ring right at the joint, causing a lot of pain. I may or may not be hopping up and down, alternating between “owww” and sucking on my thumb.

Miles runs up. “What’s wrong, Mommy?” I explain.

Miles throws his arm into the air and yells “This is a job forrrr…..MEEEEEEE!!!!!! One picture, coming right up!” Then he runs into his room to draw a picture. Only, he never makes one and instead spends the next 20 minutes running between his room and mine yelling “Picture coming up next!”

Love this kid!



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