Fun in New York City

I do a lot of volunteer work with a medical nonprofit, and I sit on their board of directors. Three times a year, I travel for a long weekend for board meetings and related events. It’s a great fit for our family: I feel like I get to use my degree in a meaningful way, but I’m still a stay-at-home mom, which I feel is important for our family right now.

All that said, I headed to New York City recently for our foundation’s big fundraising gala and then a weekend of board meetings. I love New York!!! I got to meet up with my old college roommate, as well as some other friends. And while most of my time was spent working, I truly love and respect the people that I work with, so even marathon meetings are fun.

City at night

Times Square at night

times square

Shopping in Times Square

cocktail dress

Bad self-picture before the Gala…should have asked someone to take a picture for me!

Eately restaurant

Late night snack with an old friend after a day of meetings

While I was gone, Mark emailed me lots of pictures of the boys, and I sent them back pictures of what I was seeing or doing. I am so appreciative that I’m married to a man who supports me in the things I love to do. Mark happily takes time off work the three times a year that I am away so that I can go, and does a major cleaning of the house while I’m gone!

young OSU fan

Hamming it up

sleeping boys

Resting after a long day of cleaning and playing

What have you been up to recently?


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