Spring Has Sprung! (If Only For a Short Time…)

Weather in Ohio is fickle. It’s not unusual to have a snow in April, so I never breathe a sigh of relief until May 1st. But, we had a REALLY nice day yesterday. It was sunny and 80 degrees. The boys and I took advantage of the sunshine and spent a lot of time outdoors. Julian would have preferred to spend the entire day outside.

Audubon app

While waiting for the morning bus, Mark showed Miles how to identify flowers online.

close up of flowers

We have daffodils all over our yard 🙂


After Miles got home, we went for a walk…with a wheelbarrow and rainboots. That’s how everyone takes a walk, right?

kids holding hands

After Mark got home from work, we ran errands. These included a stop to a playground and duck pond. The boys held hands like this almost the whole way there! They are best friends, which I love. Miles also talks daily about how much he wants a new sibling to love.

boy watching pond

Watching the ducks and fish

We capped off the night by going out for ice cream.

We capped off the night by going out for ice cream.

kid with ice cream on face

It was tasty!

Glad we got out and enjoyed yesterday, because today was about 30 degrees colder and rainy, and I hear this weekend is going to be back down to almost freezing. 😦


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