Graduation Day

This past weekend, the guys and I drove to Wisconsin for my mother’s graduation. The morning before we were to leave, Julian was throwing up. We toyed with Mark staying home with the boys and me flying out alone, but I couldn’t imagine them missing such an important day. Instead, we said a family prayer that he would be ok. Julian stopped throwing up, no one else got sick, and we were able to go forth with our trip as planned. Definitely a blessing!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my mother immigrated to America as a young girl. My grandfather was a butcher in Brasil. Neither he nor my grandmother had above an elementary school education. They came to America to give their children the opportunities that would not have existed in Brasil at that time. Life here was hard, since neither my grandparents spoke English. They both worked long hours of manual labor to provide for their 3 children, and my mother spent a lot of time on her own taking care of her younger brothers.

On Friday, my mom got her PhD. She’s going to be a college professor now! This is her 5th degree. It took her 14 years to get her bachelor’s degree. Then, 3 different Masters degrees. Getting a PhD has long been a dream for her, and I am so proud of her for pursuing it. It makes me tear up just thinking about how hard Mom has worked. She did it as a single parent (my dad had passed away). She left behind her extended family, her beautiful home, and all her friends to move with my sister and start over. I know there have been many days when she’s questioned what she was doing, and whether it would be worth it. But here she is, a doctor, with a job offer in North Carolina. She is such an inspiration to me and I pray I can be as good a mother to my kids as she has been to me.

wisconsin cheeseheads

E, my oldest friend, and her mom (one of my mom’s best friends) came to town for graduation. E & I had to try on these cheese heads when we went to the campus bookstore to pick up mom’s robes!

UW graduation

The family before Mom’s hooding ceremony

PhD graduation

Julian was super cranky after the graduation ceremony, but perked up once we left to go to dinner!

Mark, my siblings, my brother's wife, and me out for a walk

Mark, my siblings, my brother’s wife, and me out for a walk

wild print dresses

Mom and me after a night of dancing at her graduation party

Miles and his Uncle Matt sharing a laugh

Miles and his Uncle Matt sharing a laugh


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