Operation: Summer Fun

I’m so excited I almost couldn’t sleep in this morning! Today is the first morning of Operation: Summer Fun!

I remember before Julian was born, and I felt this need to cram in as many experiences for Miles as possible before our family changed (for the better of course, but still a change!). I’m kind of an experience-crammer experience enthusiast anyway, but for whatever reason (nesting?) I just wanted to do as many fun things together as a family that we could, big or small. Once Julian arrived there was a small adjustment period, but then we were back to our regularly scheduled program, doing all the fun things we’d typically do.

We have no idea when – or if – we’ll be selected to adopt a 3rd child. We could get a phone call today, 2 years from now, or never. But, as I’ve thought about this summer, I’ve felt the same urge to make it as full as possible. That doesn’t mean that we’re gone all the time, with no chance to relax. It just means that we’re fully experiencing whatever moment we’re in, together. We’ve spent a lot of time on the back porch, eating popsicles and playing in the kiddie pool. I’d love to get Miles riding a trike better this summer, and for both boys to work on playing catch. We’re going to the beach with Mark’s family, and I think Miles is going to do a week or two of a summer camp. I also found a list of every festival in the state, so we’ll have to fit in some of those as well.

Today our library has their kick-off to the summer reading program party. I think there’s going to be music and treats. We spend a lot of time at the library anyway, so this is a good time to drop off books and pick up a new stack. (The librarians know us: Miles always talks to the shoot as he drops books through it to return them, and the shoot [the librarian he can’t see] talks back. If we’ve been gone a few weeks, she tells him that she’s missed him.)

What are you doing this summer?


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