Every June my inlaws’ church has a 4 day festival. They’ve been involved with the planning and running of it since Mark and his brothers were young kids, and I started attending as soon as Mark and I began to date. I think the only ones we’ve missed were the few while we were living in California.

Until this year, Mark’s dad was the head of electrical set-up, so Mark and his brothers would set that up with him and a family friend. Mark also called Bingo, and still does. There’s at least one woman who plans her Bingo attendance based on when Mark is calling, haha.

The festival was last weekend. We brought the kids two days and got free ride tickets since my inlaws’ do so much work for it. Miles and Julian really appreciated that perk!

Bingo tables

Miles’s job is to help set up the Bingo blotters (is that what they’re called?) on the tables. He loves having something to do.

meatball with cavetelli

I don’t like meatballs, but the meatballs at this festival are AMAZING! Eat them slowly, close your eyes and tilt your head back to savor each bite amazing. I look forward to the festival JUST for these meatballs.

Mark calling Bingo

Mark calling Bingo

kids on a boat ride

The boys are evidently really into amusement park rides!

amusement park ride

This helicopter ride was the favorite

I LOVE ferris wheels!

I LOVE ferris wheels!

couple on a ferris wheel

Obligatory cheesy top of the ferris wheel photo


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