Happy Fathers’ Day!

My poor, sweet husband is working extra hard this Fathers’ Day, taking care of 3 sickies. 😦 I’m on day 2 of no voice, now with a cough. Miles has had a cough for over a week now, and is just recently over 5 days of fever, PLUS pinkeye. Julian woke up this morning with a gross cough as well. So, Mark headed off to church alone to teach my primary (children’s Sunday school) class, AFTER making us all breakfast. Not exactly the type of Fathers’ Day I would have planned for him! At least the kids and I were able to get him some gifts this week: a garlic grater (he loves fresh garlic!), the first season of M.A.S.H. on DVD, and some Ghiradelli chocolate. The kids painted him pictures too.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite things about Mark, in no particular order:

– He willingly pulls nighttime duty with the boys. When the boys were younger and I’d feed them at night, Mark would get up and change their diapers for me. Now, he checks on Julian when he wakes during the night (which still happens more than we’d like!).

– He is incredibly patient. I have never heard him yell at the boys.

– In that same vein, Mark always has time for them. It doesn’t matter how tired he is, he’s ready to build a bridge out of blocks, read a story, mediate a disagreement, or discuss Sid the Science Kid at the first request.

– He loves to teach Miles and Julian. He gives them lessons on space, electricity, math, gardening…whatever they might be interested in. His explanations are at an age-appropriate level, but still in-depth. He doesn’t assume that just because they’re young, they can’t understand something.

– Mark appreciates the boys for who they are and doesn’t expect them to be anyone else. Whether they’re playing baseball or feeding baby dolls, he’s supportive.

– Mark has always supported my volunteer work and my writing. I travel a few times a year for my “job” and he takes time off work so I can do that, or gets the boys dinner so I can have a phone conference. I appreciate that he values what I do.

– Mark was never hung up on the idea that any children he raised needed to be biological. He is excited at the chance to expand our family through adoption, and I look forward to someday seeing him snuggle another baby again. I remember how nervous he was to hold a baby…the first baby he ever held was his cousin’s daughter, who was born 2 months before Miles. He’s such a pro at it though!

Mark looking over some of the pictures the boys painted him for Fathers' Day

Mark looking over some of the pictures the boys painted him for Fathers’ Day


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