Library Time

I really like our local library. The kids’ section is large, there is a playroom for the kids, and there are always interesting programs going on. For example, not too long ago they brought in Dominique Moceanu to speak, who happens to have been my childhood idol.

Dominique Moceanu and fan

Blurry picture, but it was awesome!

Earlier this week there was a fun Eric Carle activity. The kids were read stories about clouds, then made cloud paintings using shaving cream, made cloud sock puppets with cotton balls, and ate a snack of “clouds in the sky” (blue jello and cool-whip). Miles and Julian particularly loved painting with the shaving cream!
painting with shaving cream

Today we saw a play there put on by local middle school or high school students. It was about a fairytale detective who has to track down who has been stealing the props to all the fairytale stories. Julian was not a big fan…90 min. of sitting on my lap was too much for such a little guy. Miles enjoyed it though, and went up and said “hi” to some of the cast members at the end.
mother and son


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