One of the advantages of Mark and I going to the same college is that Homecoming weekend is really fun for both of us. Being able to attend is a perk to living in Ohio again. We started the morning with the homecoming parade and I have to say, going to a college parade as a little kid is a great deal! The college kids are so excited by cute preschoolers that they give you TONS of candy. The boys came home with a HUGE bowl full and were so thrilled! They also had fun meeting some of the college students I work with through the service fraternity. Julian ran right up them and gave them all high-fives while Miles was more reserved. After the parade we had lunch at the school-sponsored tailgate, then watched the game for a little bit before walking around part of campus. It was a great morning/afternoon!

mom and son

Waiting for the parade

case marching band

When Mark & I met in this band, there were about 30 people. After a few of us started hardcore recruiting, the band more than tripled in size. Proud to see they’re continuing to grow!

Marching along beside the marching band

child in bounce house


Spartie the Spartan

M and Spartie the Spartan

painted rock

painted rock

Harkness Chapel http://marfmom.com

Played a lot of percussion ensemble concerts here


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