Hello again! It has been way too long since I’ve blogged, I’m sorry! I got busy with Halloween stuff and then I was traveling for part of November, and then it was time to get ready for Thanksgiving and Julian’s birthday party, and now here we are.

Thought I’d share some Halloween photos before talking about Thanksgiving. I love doing themed costumes, at least for Mark & me. The boys are old enough to pick out their own costumes. Gotta be honest though…I loved when they told me they both wanted to go as The Magic School Bus characters!

If you’re not familiar with The Magic School Bus, it was a series of books that became a TV series on PBS. Each book/episode is about a different science topic. Mark’s parents gave the boys the box set of DVDs awhile back and I swear the boys would watch them all day, every day if they could. We’re a liiiittle nerdy in this family, and I love it! 🙂

Julian decided to go as Ralphie, and Miles wanted to be Arnold. They assigned me Ms. Frizzle (awesome!) and Mark Liz the Lizard. I loved making the costumes.

I’m glad we at least got to wear them for the church Halloween party, because we had a lot of rain the night of trick-or-treat. We took the boys out anyway, and Miles made about 10 houses before asking to go back and help his grandparents hand out candy. Julian braved a few more before calling it a night too.

Here are our costumes. What did you dress up as?
magic school bus halloween costumes
Ms Frizzle dress


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