Meet Skye!

I’m a cat person. I’ve had cats since I was a little girl. When Mark and I got married, he’d never had pets before. At the time we were getting married, Mark hadn’t finished his Masters, and I was going to be starting mine in another city. There was the possibility of having to live apart for a few months. So, we made a little deal: if Mark didn’t graduate on time, I got to get a cat. If he did, we’d hold off on getting one.

So it was that two months after we were married, Oliver came to live with me 🙂 He was a little tabby kitten, from a stray a friend of ours had taken in.

Oliver is SO Mark’s cat. He lets the boys kiss him and bury their heads in his fur, and he tolerates me, but he adores Mark.

Miles has been begging for a second cat for awhile now, and Mark finally agreed in early November. We bought supplies then but have been waiting until after the holidays to go to a shelter to pick out a cat. Today I saw that our shelter was at capacity for cats and begging for people to come adopt them, so we jumped in the car as soon as Mark got home from work.

Meet Skye! She’s a 2 year old SWEETHEART. I was nervous about knowing how to find the right cat for our family, but Skye totally picked us. We all agreed there was no other cat for us but her. She’s so cuddly, even with the boys. And I must say, with a husband, two sons, and Oliver, it’s nice to have another female in the house :-p



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