The Start to Birthday Season and Other Goings-On

Between the end of January and the 2nd week of March, we have 6 family birthdays. That means lots of good food, lots of cake, and parties 🙂

First was Mark’s dad birthday. We went out to an Irish restaurant, then to Mark’s grandparents’ house for singing, cake, and presents.
We celebrated Miles’s birthday with family on Superbowl Sunday. Once the boys turn 4 they can have birthday parties with friends, so the family parties are more low-key. We had Mark’s parents over, made a lot of finger food, and had cake and present opening before half time. Miles is going to have a Where’s Waldo? themed party with his classmates later this month, which I’m having fun planning.

Showing that he's 5

Showing that he’s 5

Miles also attended the party of a girl in his class at school and now wants to take gymnastics classes. So, maybe he’ll start those in the spring.

We’ve had a LOT of snow. Everyone is saying this is the most snow and the coldest temps that we’ve had in years. Is it snowy where you are? My mom is even getting snow in North Carolina!

our back porch

our back porch

Miles is learning about the Olympics in school, so we’ve been watching them at home. Last night he put his teddy bear on his stool and pushed him all around the downstairs, telling me “Fluffy is a bobsledder!”

Beyond all of that, we’ve been having friends over for dinner and doing a lot of dancing in the kitchen (most recently to Bastille’s “Pompeii”).

Hoping you are well!


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