Snow Day

Tuesday was another snow day here. We’re all a little stir crazy from the cold temps and snow, so I wanted to make it fun.

Over a late breakfast we got the glasses ready for Miles’s upcoming Where’s Waldo party. The boys modeled them!
Where's Waldo glasses
Then, we decided to make a special treat for lunch. I call it “Snow pile.” It’s “dirt” with “snow” on it: brownies and cool whip. And yes, we had this for our actual lunch, not dessert. I’m a firm believer in having dessert for lunch every once in awhile, just for the fun of it! The boys helped me make the brownies. I love that they love baking!
Snow Pile
While the brownies baked, we played a dance video game. Miles is getting pretty good at it! His favorite song involves people dressed as fruit.

When Daddy got home, the boys threw him a surprise birthday party. No, it’s not his birthday, but who can pass up the chance to wear a crown and cape?
birthday king

At the boys’ request, I made “mummy dogs” for dinner. We haven’t had them since Halloween but they’ve been asking and I finally remembered to get the ingredients. And yes, that’s peanut butter you see on the plate. Both Miles & Julian insist on eating broccoli dipped in peanut butter, and I figure if that gets them eating broccoli, then fine.
mummy dog

Then Mark’s parents came over so that Mark and I could go out to dinner for a belated Valentines’ date. I’m so glad they’re close by and willing to babysit! The boys watched the Olympics with them and pretended to be bobsledders. Mark and I grabbed dinner at our favorite pizza place.
date night

All in all, not a bad snow day! 🙂


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