Where’s Waldo Birthday Party

Yesterday was Miles’s Where’s Waldo themed birthday party. Pinterest wasn’t much help with this one, since kids apparently stopped having Where’s Waldo parties in 1992, when my brother had his. :-p

Luckily, my art-student sister designed cute invites and helped me brainstorm activities. I wish I had more pictures of the actual party, but there were 13 5 year olds and Julian, so it was a bit of a madhouse ๐Ÿ™‚ Fun, but that many kids keeps you on your toes!

Miles wanted a red and white cake to go with the Waldo theme. I made a red velvet poke cake: red velvet cake with oreo cream pudding inside, cool whip for icing, and then red icing stripes. The icing ran out partway through and it wasn’t so smooth. But, at least it tasted good!
Mark greeted all the kids dressed as Waldo. He’d made the original offer as a joke, but one that Miles and I took literally, so the joke was on him! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But he makes a good Waldo, don’t you think?
mark waldo
My mother-in-law drew a Waldo for the kids to play pin the hat on Waldo with.
I also designed a treasure hunt for the kids. They all got a pair of “Waldo glasses” to wear (cheap sunglasses with the lenses poked out). A little Waldo held each clue, which were things like “Waldo will go really far, when he’s racing in his ______!”
At the end of the treasure hunt were little $1 coloring books from Target for all the kids.
Unfortunately, I under-estimated the speed at which preschoolers can blow through snacks and games, so a half hour into the party we’d had bagel bites and grapes, pin the hat on Waldo, and the scavenger hunt. That left me at least an hour for cake and presents. Whoops!

Pin the hat on Waldo

I’m thinking some of the kids had their eyes open for this one, haha

It really is amazing how quietly kids are when faced with cake and ice cream! After that and presents, we ended up just opening the play room and some of the gifts and the kids all played together till their parents came.

A fun party, but I think at times it was a little overwhelming for Miles. I told him if he wants a big party next year we’ll do it, but if he’d rather have a really fun day out with 1-2 friends we could do that too.


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