More Birthday Celebrating

Continuing the 6 weeks or so of birthday celebrating, we had a big birthday weekend at the beginning of the month.

Mark turned 30 and we celebrated his and his brother Scott’s birthdays first with a family dinner out. It was the first time we’d seen Scott and Sarah since they’d gone to Brasil for Sarah’s work and I loved hearing all about it! My sister and I had helped them get ready for the trip with a list of foods to try and places to visit (they had some free time before Sarah had to work). I was touched that they brought me back this little painting for my birthday, from a street vendor in Rio:
brasilian art
After dinner, we headed back to our house for birthday cupcakes, courtesy of Mark’s mom. As you can see, Julian was a HUGE fan of the blue icing.
cupcake face
The next day was Mark’s birthday party. He didn’t grow up having parties often, but I always had birthday parties, up through my 21st. So since Mark was having a big birthday (30!) I wanted to throw him a party. He’s not a social butterfly like me, so we kept it very low-key. Scott and Sarah came over, Mark’s college roommate, and two other good college friends.
We had pizza and garlic bread and German chocolate cake. Then we played Settlers of Catan till 11:30 pm and called it a night.
30th birthday cake
The following afternoon my grandmother and one of my uncles and his family came over for my birthday dinner. For my birthday I like to make Brasilian food, but the bodega I get pastel shells from closed down 😦 Pastels are a thin pastry shell filled with meat, cheese, or fruits and fried. I didn’t have time to make the dough from scratch with my grandmother, so I had to go without. Instead I made feijoada, a meat stew with black beans, served over rice, salad, and rolls. It was great to catch up with everyone!

All in all, an awesome weekend!


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