I love Easter! Well, I love ALL holidays, but I always look forward to Easter.

This year, our friends invited us to their house for a big Easter egg hunt. First all the kids had a hunt, which was great.
Egg hunt
Then, the adults had our own hunt, but with a twist. We paired up and one person had to be blindfolded. Then, the other partner had to guide them to the eggs using just their voice. I am not the best at directions, unfortunately for Mark! He made it through only running into a bush twice though, so we call that a win haha!
grown up hunt
The next day Mark conducted the choir at church. This was a first for him! The choir director was out of town and asked him to fill in. I think he did a great job šŸ™‚
The kids had an Easter egg hunt at home, before church, too. It’s nothing too fancy, just stickers and small candies, but lots of fun. I made little easter bunnies out of canned cinnamon rolls for breakfast as a treat.
After church we had dinner at Mark’s parents’ house, along with his mother’s parents and my grandmother. Easter was the first holiday I ever spent with Mark’s family, not too long after we started dating. There’s always good food and good conversation!
I hope you had a nice Easter, if you celebrate! Do you have any Easter traditions?


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