World Cup

I. Love. The World Cup.

I’m not a huge soccer fan at other times, I’ll admit. I don’t follow the US teams.

But, I grew up on the World Cup. My mom is from Brasil, and it’s a HUGE deal there. As kids, we had green and yellow pompoms to wave while we watched on TV, and we’d run out onto the porch with pots and pans and scream GOOOOOAAAAAAL whenever Brasil scored. In high school, we started the tradition of calling each other on the phone just to scream GOOOOOAAAAAL if we were watching the game apart.

This is Julian’s first World Cup, and Miles’s first of understanding what is going on. All the sweeter that we get to host the games! The boys and I have spent some time reading about different parts of the country and learning about Brasilian food (which they like eating).

Thursday was our first game, and that involved me imparting to them what being a Brasilian fan means. We wore our Brasil t-shirts and jerseys and painted our faces yellow, blue, and green. I taught them how to properly yell GOOOOOAAAAAL, and about our proud history as the winningest team in the world. Then, I taught them to shrug and say “you’re just jealous” whenever someone teases them about rooting for Brasil. (They’ve already used this line, as Mark’s Italian family has a friendly rivalry with me when it comes to soccer!)

So, for the next few weeks, you can find us in our yellow and green, cheering on Brasil!



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