I’ve been thinking recently about preparing for a new baby.

When I was pregnant with Miles, I couldn’t buy much or set up a nursery because I knew we were moving across the country just weeks after he would be born. I bought a yellow blanket and a frog rattle, and that was it until we were settled in our new home.

When Julian came we were in a tiny apartment, so he slept in our room. No nursery.

As soon as we moved back to Ohio, I insisted on a real, painted, coordinated nursery for Julian, even if he was no longer a baby. That was the first room finished before we moved in! It’s a light grey, with a thick, light blue stripe through the room. He had matching bedding (elephants!) and pictures on the wall. (The crib and elephants are now replaced with a “big boy bed” and his trusty space blanket.)
Now, as we wait for another child to join our family, I want so bad to physically prepare. It’s a challenge though! We picked out an infant carseat and new stroller, but decided not to purchase it yet because what if we don’t bring home an infant? Clothes are hard to buy for the same reason, not to mention if we bought baby clothes for a winter baby and we adopted in summer, we wouldn’t be able to use any of them.

So, for now I am scouring Pinterest for nursery decor ideas. This baby will be our first to have a real, fabulous nursery from the start! My plan is to paint the light blue another color once we’re matched…maybe purple or yellow. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also sewed a “pillowcase” dress with my mom, and I plan to make more. Those can be worn with a few different ways, regardless of the season.
pillowcase dress

While the preparations may not be the same as for other families, we’re preparing just the same and can’t wait for the day when we know who exactly we’ll be shopping for! ๐Ÿ™‚


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