Fun Facts

Fun facts about Mark & Maya

– We dance in the driveway (or pretty much anywhere). Miles was nervous to ride the bus to preschool, but Maya realized that if we danced in the driveway while waiting for the bus, Miles felt comfortable going to school. So, every morning we’d play Owl City, Carly Rae Jepson, GooGoo Dolls, Train, or the Hamster Dance and get our groove on!

– Maya originally went to school to be a genetic counselor. She switched to music therapy, to speech therapy, and combinations thereof before finally settling on psychology, with a minor in early childhood studies.

– Mark thought he was going to be a physicist.

– Mark’s family is really into Thanksgiving. All of his mom’s extended family congregate at Mark’s grandparents’ house. They’re Italian, so there are a ton of people and a ton of food. We fry 2 turkeys and cook another in the oven. After dinner, the women are hard core about Black Friday shopping. Maya loves it!

– Maya’s mother immigrated from Brasil with her parents when she was a young child. Much of her family still lives there. Maya went to Brasil in 2004 and can’t wait to take Mark and the kids someday.

– Mark’s nickname growing up was Squeaky. Maya’s were Cookies and River Otter.

– Both Mark and Maya are band nerds. Mark plays trumpet and Maya played percussion, specializing in mallet percussion.

– Mark and Maya have both been to Italy, though at different times (Mark had quite the adventure: ask him about it!). Maya has been to Brasil and Portugal as well.



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